What Types of Bets Are Available on Dafabet Sportsbook?

Let’s be honest to ourselves. Sports betting can be both easy and complicated. However, you don’t need to have a PHD in business or a doctorate degree in Math to get started. Well, aside from the entertainment value betting on sports also provides the chance for sharp bettors to constantly win money during sporting events. However, it doesn’t mean advanced bettors can win at all times since there are scenarios where they can even get confused on how things work. On the other hand, there are also times where beginners can win at the very first time they hit the “bet” button.

Here at Dafabet Sportsbook, we always assure our players clearly understand the type of wagers, rules, terms and conditions before they put their money at stake. Whether you are a beginner or advanced bettor, here are the types of bets we offer:

      • Outright Betting – this means to bet on the winner of a specific event – a match, a tournament or a race. Placing a bet on outright means you are putting a stake on competitors that fill out the designated place/s in a specific event. In case there are more winners, then a “Dead heat” is declared. This means, there are two or more winners in the contest. In this way, the payout will be divided by the number of winners minus the stake. So let’s say a player place bet of $100 on Ronaldo at 1.40. Then the top goal scorer was Ronaldo and Mueller. The payout will be $100/2 * (odds 1.40) = 170.
      • Moneyline – this means to place a bet on a player/ team to beat the competitor in a specific event or match-up. In this type of betting line, only one winner is declared and draw or dead heat is not an option. In some sporting events, there is this term called “The Field”, which means all competitors except for the one mentioned. (Nadal vs. The Field).
      • Handicap – the difference of handicap among other bet types is that there is this given a virtual head start to the competitor before the start. This means, the winner is the competitor with better scores after the end of the match plus the head start given at the start. Handicap rules are set depending on the given period (Half-time or full-time).
      • Over/Under betting – this means including a pre-designated line at the start of the event. The winner is determined by adding up the scores when the given time is ended (half-time or full-time). When the total scores upon adding the total number of scores is more than the pre-designated line, the result is over. Otherwise, when the total scores is less than the pre-designated line, the result is under.
      • Odd/Even Betting – the rule is simple. The winner is determined whether the total number of points/scores is odd or even during the given period of time (Half-time or Full-time).
      • Single Team Odd/Even – This means placing a bet predicting whether the total number of scores of a specific team or player is odd or even including the scores made during any extra time.
      • Mix Parlays – This wager type of betting means placing bets in combination of two or more events. If all the selections win, the player wins and will be paid an amount combining the odds of all the selections. On the other hand, if one selection fails, the player loses. Otherwise, when the event if postponed, the odds for that specific selection will be reset to 1.0. Mix parlays comprises different combinations named Trixie, Yankee, Canadian, Heinz, Super Heinz and Goliath.
      • In Running/ Live Bets – This type of betting is also known as live betting market wherein the operator opens up betting lines during live events however it’s not applicable to all selections and only for those that are marked “Live” and with the Operator’s discretion. High risks momentums during live events are freeze or pending until the Operator accepts it. High risks or danger moments include penalty kicks, corner kicks, free kicks awarded to the attacking team, throw ins and other potential scoring scenes.
      • 1×2 Betting – represents Home (1), Draw(x) and Away (3). This means, there are 3 possible outcomes for an event during the given period of time (Half-time, Full-time or first 10 minutes).
      • Correct score betting – As its name suggests, this type of betting means placing bet predicting the final score at the end of the given time (Half-time or Fulltime).
      • Half-time/ Full-time Betting – This means to place a bet predicting the results of both half-time and full-time excluding the extra time given for a particular event. There are initials used following the sports market standards such as H, A and D. H stands for Home, A stands for Away and D Stands for Draw. The player is allowed to choose 2 selections like HA (Home leads during half-time and Away leads when the match ended).
    • First Goal/ Last Goal and First Half First Goal/Last Goal – This means placing bet pretending which team scores the first goal and which team scores the last goal in a match. There are terms used for this betting type following the sports market standards such as HF (home scores first), HL(home scores last), AF(away scores first) and AL(away scores last).

    There are a lot more sports betting types and these are just the most common ones. Here at Dafabet Sportsbook, we’ve made it possible to explain everything clearly. However, it doesn’t end there.

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