First Deposit Bonus

DafaPoker is offering you the best first deposit bonus online! Enjoy the BIGGEST and EASIEST release of welcome bonus! New players will get to redeem their first €35 very quickly, and if you are more advanced, after your first quick €35 you can move on to the big bonus and release all the rest of the €1500 bonus!


We will provide you twice the amount of your first deposit of up to €1500. For example: If you make a first deposit of €200, you will be entitled to a €400 bonus. If you make a first deposit amount of €1200, you will be entitled to a maximum of €1500 bonus.

Once you’ve made your first deposit, you will earn the bonus by playing on DafaPoker and collecting the Status Points.

The first €35 bonus will be redeemed faster at a rate of 88 Status Points = €1 ratio. The rest of the bonus will be redemeed on a ratio where 450 Status Points releases €4.

You have two months, after each qualifying deposit, to earn all the Status Points needed to release your bonus.