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If you’ve enjoyed playing with us here at Dafapoker, perhaps it’s about time to become a VIP club member and take your journey to exclusive rewards, cash bonuses, gold coins and a lot more surprises. Because you are loyal to us, we’ll guarantee that you’ll get most of the benefits. Of course, we don’t want to waste your precious time for nothing. So, please spend some time to read the steps, terms and conditions on how you can be eligible for a VIP club membership.

Rewards and bonuses:

One of the joys of becoming a VIP club member is that you can get an exclusive access to Dafapoker VIP shop where you can immediately claim real cash and even gold coins. The higher your VIP membership level is, the greater is your chance to receive cash rewards and bonuses. Here at Dafapoker, we always give you choices. This way, even if you choose not to convert Gold coins, you can still take advantage of its “good as cash” benefit to purchase valuable merchandise that will therefore be delivered to your doorstep in just a click away.

Types of Bonuses we offer:

Instant cash bonus – this means you are being awarded with real cash depending on the limitations and the restrictions set by our cashier. Example: Earning 200 status points or making a real money deposit transaction.

Redeemable bonus – this type of bonus is awarded upon the player’s first deposit or when acquiring special promotions. However, this requires to be redeemed for either gaming purposes or to be withdrawn by the player. The bonus depends on the amount of status points accumulated by playing cash tables or tournament.

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For more info about rewards and bonuses, check out this link:


Status Points & Gold Coins

Here at Dafapoker, we have the so-called status points which can be acquired when a player plays real money on poker tables or when doing the buy-ins. Status points can be used for upgrading your VIP level and for claiming your pending bonus at the same time. (For every 425 status points you are eligible of claiming $5 in case you have an active bonus in your account. For more info, please check the cash table rake structure below.




pot limit and no limit


Gold Coins:

Gold coins are convertible to cash rewards which can be used in live events package, VIP shopping and joining poker tournaments. Gold coins are categorized into five different types which include Iron Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Silver Dragon, Gold Dragon and Platinum Dragon. Good thing is that gold coins can be combined to take advantage of its benefits.

For Example: A VIP Iron Dragon player and a VIP Platinum Dragon player both earned 25 Status Points by raking $1.00. The VIP Iron Dragon player would then receive 37.5 Gold Coins (25 Status Points X 1.5 = 37.5 Gold Coins) while the other player, who is already a VIP Platinum Dragon, receives 112.5 Gold Coins (25 Status Points X 4.5 = 112.5 Gold Coins). See top 50 Winners at DafaPoker here.


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So, there’s no need to think twice. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive more cash rewards, bonuses and VIP gold coins. Be a VIP club member today!



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