Congratulations To Our Top 50 Winners

Calling the attention of poker tournament members! Today, Dafapoker is proud to announce the list of Top 50 tournament winners for Twister Poker Jackpot Sit ‘N Go. Over 15,000 entrants since October 2015 with a total payout of €30,350 and now we’ll reveal the top 50 players with the highest amount received. If your name is included on the list, well it’s time to grab some beers and call for a celebration! Drum roll please…..

And the winners are…..

Twister Sit N Go Top 50 Winners


Apart from Twister Poker Jackpot Sit ‘N Go, we are also proud to announce the winners of Rio Jackpot Sit ‘N Go & Maui Jackpot Sit & Go. Here they are.

Maui N Rio Winners


If you think poker gods aren’t smiling on you and you still feel unlucky, don’t worry. There is always a next time and a chance to pick those lucky cards. Here at Dafapoker, we hosts a bunch of tournaments where winning isn’t that impossible. So, keep browsing around, choose buy-in tables and who knows? You can be the next Dan Belzerian! Wish you the best of luck.



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